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"Welcome to our research group where multi-disciplinary expertise are synergized for harnessing the power of nanotechnology to overcome local and global challenges on food safety and food security"

Research interest

Developing sustainable nanotechnology applications for food and agriculture demands deeper understanding on the biological implications of nanomaterials, beyond the creation of novel functional properties. Dr George’s research program has two interrelated components: (i) Developing robust risk assessment strategies, including the detection, exposure assessment, and hazard profiling of engineered and incidental nanomaterials using high throughput screening platforms (ii) Developing safety assured nanotechnology applications for delivery of therapeutics (drugs, vaccine and micro nutrients) to farmed fish and animals. The overall aim is developing guidelines for safe use, tools for regulatory oversight, and safety assured nanotechnology for food safety and security.



Active affiliations

  • Institute of Nutrition and Functional Food (INAF)

  • Centre de recherche en infectiologie porcine et avicole (CRIPA)

  • Biomedical Engineering Society

  • ISO- TC229

  • Material Research Society (MRS)

  • Research. Innovation. Transformation. Agrifood (RITA)

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